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For over 13 years Best Stainless has been a leading stainless steel distributor for the valve manufacturing industry.  Our bar stock is typically used to manufacture different valve components such as stems, seats, cages, fittings, balls, gates and guides.  We stock diameters up to 24” for seats and cage manufacturing.  We also carry and can make stem stock in any grade or tolerance.  Hex bars are used in valve fittings such as grease plugs.  Flat rolled products are used in needle valves or block valve bodies.


Best Stainless is dedicated to helping OEM manufacturers and job shops select the proper grade and treatment to meet specification。  For required operating temperature, operating pressure, corrosion resistance, material strength and magnetic properties the most common alloys for consideration are:

Stainless Steel Experts

We stock material from mills worldwide that produce the highest quality products and competitive pricing。  Our staff works with specific customer requirements and industry standards including ASTM, ASME, QQN and AMS specifications to select to proper material。  We understand delivery time is important so we keep a vast inventory, knowledgeable sales team and efficient warehousing operations。

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