OIl & Gas and Petrochemical Stainless Steel

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Best Stainless growth throughout the years can be directly tied to our pursuance of oil and gas related stainless and nickel grades。  We carry a host of grades conforming to NACE and API applications。 Our materials are used to manufacture various oil patch parts and components such as sleeves, housings, casings, seals, collars and manifolds。


Our inventory sets us apart from the competition.  We stock various longer length stainless steel to help accommodate part lengths that ultimately minimize waste.  All over out material is stocked oversized to clean up to nominal that helps speed up machining time and keep costs down.

Stainless Steel Experts

We stock material from mills worldwide that produce the highest quality products at competitive pricing。  Our staff works with specific customer requirements and industry standards including ASTM, ASME, QQN and AMS specifications to select to proper material。  We understand delivery time is important so we keep a vast inventory, knowledgeable sales team and efficient warehousing operations。

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