316/316L Stainless

UNS S31600/03, ASTM A182, ASTM A276, ASTM A479

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For over 13 years Best Stainless has been the premier suppliers of stainless steel 316 or 316L. Stainless Steel 316 or 316L SS is a Chromium-Nickel stainless steel with added molybdenum to increase corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. It is non-magnetic in the annealed condition and not hardenable by heat treatment. Please contact Best Stainless for more information about how 316 SS can best suit your specific application.  Depending on the application and performance requirements we also provide 316/316L stainless steel casting equivalents, CF8M (316) and CF3M (316L).

stainless steel 316

Stainless Steel 316/316L Bar

Our stainless steel bar stock lengths range from the industry standard 12' to 28' long. For projects requiring long length stainless steel bar, our inventory ranges from 20’-28’ R/L.

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316L/316 Stainless Steel Physical Properties

Material TypeConditionUltimate Tensile
Strength (PSI)
0.2% Yield
Strength (PSI)
(% in 2in.)
Reduction Of
Area (%)
316 Annealed 75,000 30,000 30 40 * Quote »
316L Annealed 75,000 25,000 30 40 C35 Quote »


  • Pump shafts
  • Mechanical seals
  • Heat exchangers
  • Ball valves
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Pollution control equipment

Chemical Composition

  • Carbon 0.030 – 0.080
  • Chromium 16.0-18.0
  • Manganese 2.0
  • Molybdenum 2.0-3.0
  • Nickel 10.0-14.0
  • Silicon 1.00
  • Sulfur 0.030

Casting Alloy

  • UNS S31600 / S31603
  • ASTM A182
  • ASTM A276
  • ASTM A479

Cast Equivalents

  • CF8M (316)
  • CF3M (316L)

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